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Global Limits | How you can reach up to 10,000 prospects a month!
Global Limits | How you can reach up to 10,000 prospects a month!

Get to grips with your campaign limits and statistics

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With so many modules and features added to Zopto every month, it can be overwhelming to understand how to use them best and how many “actions” you can do per day in order to maximise your outreach safely.

Here’s an updated guide on how to set and manage your daily activity limits (Global Limits).

You can set the maximum daily activity levels for all campaigns in the 'Settings' section.

This would determine the maximum number of “actions” that the account can do in a 24hr period.

We typically recommend the following messaging limits:

  • 20 Invitation/day (100 per week). Some accounts can do more than that, so feel free to try to increase the number of invites (in the LinkedIn Invite module) up to 40/day (200 per week). Please do so gradually, increasing by 2 every day.

  • 100 Free/Open Profiles InMails/day, up to 800/month.

  • You can send an additional 150 InMails by utilizing your InMail credits (Link to the Utilizing your InMail credits article here)

  • Please start by sending 20 InMails/day and gradually increase up to 100.

  • Be sure to check the campaign level limits paragraph of this article to find out how to best do this.

  • 50 Sequence messages per day, which can be further increased by 5 every day, up to 350/day.

To summarise the above you do following when at full capacity:

So overall you can do

20-40 Invites
2. Up to 100 Free InMails,
3. Up to 350 Sequences
Per day!

In total 450 messages per day or 9000 messages per month! This would also depend on your LinkedIn account standing, as some accounts can send out more messages than others.

Please note that the sequence messages can be utilized to contact your newly acquired connections through Zopto, as well as your existing 1-st degree connections (link to how to create a 1-st degree connection campaign article) or to run Group and Event campaigns (Link to group and event campaign articles).

For Email sequences (Link to Email sequences articles: How to.. And How to set up an Alias Domain) we recommend starting at 5/ day and increasing by 5 every day, after 3 days of activity.

Please note that there are currently 2 ways you can withdraw the unaccepted connection requests - by how long ago they were sent OR after reaching a set number of unaccepted invitations. We recommend setting these values to 7 days and 800, respectively.

As for any “Auxiliary” Modules like Profile Views, Twitter, Post Likes, Follows, or Endorsements, we recommend starting and maintaining them at around 20/day.

These progress bars in your campaign section will show the global limit fulfilment, i.e. how many actions were done in the past 24hrs.

Please note if these bars are full, your campaigns cannot do any further activity, as they have done the maximum number of actions possible, 24hrs after the activity the progress bars will start to gradually decline and the activity will resume.

Global Limits vs Campaign Limits

The limits discussed above are the global limits or how much activity can the account do overall in 24hr period. In addition to this, there are campaign-level limits, that can be set under the Module section of the campaigns for each module individually. These determine how many actions can each campaign do every 24hrs.

Why is this important?

If you’d like to run several campaigns at one time, you would need to disperse the global limit values been the active campaigns. For example, if your global limit for InMails is set to 40 per day, and you’d like to run 2 InMail campaigns at the same time, you would need to limit each campaign from the module section to 20 per day.


Additionally, some Modules, like Profile Invites and Free InMails have an “Auto-Scale” option.

Here’s an example of how this can be utilized for a new account.

You can set your global limits for InMails to 80 per day in the settings section and in the In Free InMails module set the campaign level limit to 80 per day as well as enable the Auto-scale InMails checkbox, this would set the campaign level limit for InMail to 20 per to start and increase by 2 every day till it reaches the campaign level limit of 80.

Please note that campaign-level limits have to be set for every new campaign created.

Understanding Campaign Progress Bars

Every campaign in Zopto has progress bars representing both daily and total activity levels.

When set to the “Today” view the progress bars would represent the daily activity levels for each module of the campaign.

If you click on the “Today” switch, this would display the Total progression of the campaign.

This would help determine if the campaigns have done all the possible actions and if it’s time to create new campaigns.

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