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Using Sales Navigator Filters within the Group Campaign
Using Sales Navigator Filters within the Group Campaign

How to generate 200 more leads a day using Sales Navigator with Group Campaigns

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Sales Navigator Filters

We have just launched a game-changing new feature that allows you to filter the prospects of a LinkedIn Group using the Sales Navigator filter option. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this function.

1. Check the groups you are part of you already. Go to the home page on LinkedIn and look at the groups on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. Identify a group you want to target and remember the group name and go to Sales Navigator and click all filters.

3. Navigate to the bottom of the filters screen and select the ‘Groups’ filter. Type in your group name and select it from the list. (IMPORTANT - if you want to send messages without having to invite the prospect to connect you MUST choose a group you are a member of. You can ONLY do one group per list campaign - selecting multiple groups will not work)

4. Now apply the filters that you want to use to narrow do your search - for example - Geography, Job Title. Industry etc. And then click search to create the list.

6. Double check you are happy with the list and make any additional amendments. Then copy the URL from the top search bar and go to Zopto.

7. Select the ‘Create Campaigns’ and click ‘Group Campaign’ - Now rather than selecting the Group from dropbox you click the ‘Filter URL’ option and you paste the URL the in the box provided.

8. Ensure you give your Campaign an appropriate name - perhaps mention the filters you used so that if you want to recreate the campaign and change a filter you can see at a glance what you did. Remember to click Automate Data Cleansing and create the campaign.

9. Once the fetch has been completed on the campaign name to go to the Modules and scroll to the ‘group sequences’ towards the bottom.

10. Select the template you have tailored toward this group as you would for any other message sequence. Remember you can send up to 100 messages per day per Group Campaign. NB the maximum number of message you can send is dependant on the level you have you sequence messages set at in your Global Settings.

11. Click play and off you go!!

How does this help me?

  • Groups can often have tens of thousands of members. But using the Sales Navigator filters, you can really narrow down who you want to reach out to in that particular group.

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