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How to target prospects attending a LinkedIn Event
How to target prospects attending a LinkedIn Event

Reach Event attendees without having a connection

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LinkedIn Event Targeting Guide

When it comes to Lead Generation, it’s a known fact that having common ground with a prospect is a great way to break the ice. For instance, if you target prospects who are attending a LinkedIn Event that you have also registered as ‘attending’, the chances of the prospect replying to your message is much higher.

Of course, more responses = higher conversion rates.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to target prospects attending a LinkedIn Event without having to use your Profile Invites.

Step 1. Identify an event that has prospects that you would like to target.

Open your LinkedIn page and search for an event that has prospects attending that you would like to target.

There are two ways to search for an event:

1. Type the name of a specific event in the LinkedIn search engine.

2. Run a blank search(Click ‘enter’ in the search bar). This will lead to the “Events” button option (see below).

Clicking on ‘Events’ will bring up a list of all the future events that are being held on LinkedIn.

Step 2. Select the Event and sign up to see who is attending

Once you have identified the Event that has a high probability of having prospects you want to target - click on “Attend event”.

If you do not click to attend the event, you will not be able to see the list of attendees. (You don’t actually need to attend the event - but shhh! The prospects don’t need to know this.)

Once you’ve signed up to attend the event, click here and you will see the list of all people who are planning on attending.

Now, head over to Zopto!

Step 3: Go to Zopto to create an Event Campaign.

Due to LinkedIn limitations, you will only be able to import the first 1000 prospects, however, if there are more than 1000 attendees, simply create the campaign multiple times and we will import the next 1000 attendees. Click ‘Create Campaign’ in Zopto.

Then select the ‘From Event” option.

Give your campaign a name - perhaps reference the event. For example - Event Campaign - Seedery 2022 Student Startup. Select the Event from the drop-down box highlighted below. ALWAYS automate data cleansing and click “Create Campaign”.

Step 4: Setting and enabling your sequences

The fact that you share the commonality of attending the same event with your prospect is a very valuable reference when personalizing your sequence messages. Your outreach won’t seem so cold, therefore, pushing the response rate up.

To set up the sequences, simply go to the modules and scroll down to the “Event Sequences” module.

You then need to decide how many messages per day you want to send. You can send up to 100/day, but as always, it is advisable to start low and scale up the activity. So I would suggest starting at 25 and scaling by 5 every 48 hours. You can add up to 10 steps in a sequence.

How does this help me?

  • There’s already a commonality you and these attendees share! Make the most of the event and reach out to these profiles with ease!

Good luck with your Lead Gen efforts!

Remember if you need further support on this or anything else - reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager! They are always happy to help.

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