In order to ensure your email account security while running email campaigns through Zopto, we’d like to present you with our best practice guidelines.

  • First of all, we do not recommend using this feature with your main/primary email address, instead, we recommend creating an alias domain name and setting up a new email address(we recommend Gmail) on this domain name for email campaigns.

For instance, if your main domain name is you can set up a new one at

  • After you've set up a new domain name you’d need to ensure that DKIM and SPF are set up as well. Here are two articles that should help you do this:

  • Our alias domain name should be redirected to your main domain name through your domain hosting.

  • Once your new email address has been set up, you can connect it to Zopto and start the warm-up process.

  • We recommend starting with 5 emails per day and increasing by 5 every day after 3 days of activity up to 100 emails per day, per account.

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