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Email Sequence: Alias Domain Name and DKIM SPF Settings
Email Sequence: Alias Domain Name and DKIM SPF Settings

Advice on how to do email outreach safely

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Alias Domain Name and DKIM SPF Settings

In order to ensure your email account security while running email campaigns through Zopto, we’d like to present you with our best practice guidelines.

  • First of all, we do not recommend using this feature with your main/primary email address, instead, we recommend creating an alias domain name and setting up a new email address(we recommend Gmail) on this domain name for email campaigns.

For instance, if your main domain name is you can set up a new one at

  • After you've set up a new domain name you’d need to ensure that DKIM and SPF are set up as well. Here are two articles that should help you do this:

  • Our alias domain name should be redirected to your main domain name through your domain hosting.

  • Once your new email address has been set up, you can connect it to Zopto and start the warm-up process.

  • We recommend starting with 5 emails per day and increasing by 5 every day after 3 days of activity up to 100 emails per day, per account.

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