LinkedIn provides its Sales Navigator subscribers with 50 InMail credits per month that roll over to a maximum of 150! As a result, Zopto has an exciting new feature to help you utilize your InMail credits.

From now on you’ll not only be able to send up to 2000 Free InMails a month to Open Profiles’ but also utilize your InMail credits to contact non-open profiles.

For this, you will simply need to enable this checkbox in your InMail module:

Once it’s enabled, the campaign will send free InMails to open profiles and utilize your monthly credits to contact non-open profiles.

And now it’s up to you whether you want to split the campaign into open and non-open profiles or just send InMails to all the profiles in the campaign.

Please note that the credits will only be utilized to contact Non-Open profiles and Open profiles would still be contacted using the Free Inmail Monthly limit.

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