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Our Biggest Feature Release Yet
Our Biggest Feature Release Yet

May 2021 - Zopto's biggest feature release to date

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Exciting New Feature Release

It's no secret - times are changing in the LinkedIn automation space. And while users on other platforms are facing issues with increasing limitations, at Zopto, that change has brought exciting new features, resulting in our biggest. feature. release. ever. What a time to be a Zopto customer!

And the coolest part of it all? Our new features will not only allow you to bypass any new limitations but scale your campaigns to heights never seen before.

Mind blown

Our new feature list includes:

Zopto Email Finder - Now Zopto users can download the emails of prospects in their campaigns. Use these emails to upload into LinkedIn and send invites or take a multi-channel approach and leverage them for email campaigns. Heck, do BOTH! Did we mention we aren't charging extra for this? Triple bonus.

InMail Only Campaigns - Create campaigns only using InMails, without using a single paid InMail. Did you know more than 75 million LinkedIn users have an "open profile"? That's a lot of messages....

Follow Feature - Stay up to date on what people are doing outside your network by following them. They'll also get a notification. Nothing says "I'm interested in you" like a follow (although, we suggest using another platform if you're trying to get a date).

LinkedIn Posts - Passively nurture leads...while increasing brand awareness...and establishing thought leadership? You need this in your sales process. Now.

Hyperise (oldie but goodie and worth the mention for those not using it) - Stand out from the crowd with personalized memes.

We have more exciting features coming down the pipeline, but thought we'd hold off on telling you about those just yet while you digest all this amazing Zopto goodness just released.

And as always, Zopto responsibly.

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