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Following vs. Connecting - what's the critical difference? (and introducing Auto-Follow).
Following vs. Connecting - what's the critical difference? (and introducing Auto-Follow).

What are the main difference between following and connecting on LinkedIn?

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What is connecting on LinkedIn?

When you connect with someone on Linkedin, you become their first-degree connection. When you have become a first-degree connection with another LinkedIn member, you can see others' posts, updates, anniversaries. Becoming the first-degree connection also allows you to send direct messages to your new connection.

What is following?

Following is more of a one-way street. Following another LinkedIn Member allows you to see their updates, posts and anniversaries, on your homepage; however, they won't be able to see your posts or updates.

Why would you follow someone instead of connecting?

  • You might be interested in the subject matter of another LinkedIn member, but you don't consider them a professional contact.

  • They don't have the option to become a first-degree connection or require a private email address. Usually, this is the case with Public Figures, such a Bill Gates or Barack Obama.

  • You want to gain access to someone's updates and shared articles without waiting for them to become a first-degree connection.

There are no limitations on following users on LinkedIn. By having no limits on following, you can follow lots of your ideal prospects. Prospects get a notification that you are following them, which will increase your brand visibility and can prompt prospects to follow you back to view and engage with your content.

How do I follow a user on LinkedIn?

Most LinkedIn users have the "Follow" option on their profile. To Follow a User, click on the "More" Section near the "Connect" button.

How to Follow Users on LinkedIn

How to Automatically Follow your LinkedIn prospects.

Zopto allows you to automatically send connections to your ideal customer audience, but not everyone might agree to become your first-degree connection.

While this might seem like the end of the road for your LinkedIn lead generation efforts, don't worry, it's not.

Remember when we start to follow users on LinkedIn, we have access to their updates, articles, posts, anniversaries.

Using Zopto to follow users automatically, we can begin to access our ideal customers' content instantly.

Getting Started:

Step One:

Find your ideal follow prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium.

For this example, I will be choosing second-degree connections and filtering by people who have "Posted on Linkedin in the past 30 days.

Posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days

Step Two:

Build your Campaign from Zopto. In this example, I am using the "Filter URL," but you can copy and paste profile links, upload a CSV, or even using our API.

Building a Zopto Campaign

Step Three:

Click on your campaign and head over to Modules. You should be able to see "Profile Follows" as the fifth module down.

Step Four:

Set the appropriate amount of Follows you would like to happen in 24 hours.

Zopto Limits

Step Five:

Click on the Play Button, and Zopto will start to follow the profiles in your campaign automatically.

Step Six:
Sit back and relax as you start to automatically follow users.

Auto-Follow Users using Zopto

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