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Send hundreds of InMail's using "Only Open Profiles" Campaigns.
Send hundreds of InMail's using "Only Open Profiles" Campaigns.

Send hundreds of InMail's every week, taking advantage of Open Profiles with our new InMail Only campaigns.

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The "Open Profile" feature allows anyone on LinkedIn to contact a prospect member for free, even if they're not in your network.

LinkedIn members can also see the profile of members who have turned on the Open Profile option.

Why would someone have an open profile?

  • You may have an in-demand product or service, allowing people to contact you quicker.

  • You may be looking for a job, and keeping your profile open allows more people to reach out to you.

What can you do with open profiles?

Open profiles do pretty much what they say on the tin. You mark yourself "Open," and other LinkedIn members can now message you at no cost, without using InMail.

How do you reach out to Open Profiles only?

Now, this is where LinkedIn makes it hard to contact people with Open profiles. You may have the "Open" badge listed on someone's profile, but how do you filter Only Open profiles?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not allow you to filter using open profiles, so how can you send messages to contacts if you can't filter?

Introducing Zopto's "InMail Only" Campaigns

Zopto has launched the ability to create "InMail only" campaigns.

Watch our video guide, or follow our step by step instructions below:

Let's go through all the steps:

Step One:

Find your ideal follow prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Premium, or Recruiter Lite.

Step Two:

Build your Campaign from Zopto. In this example, I am using the "Filter URL," but you can copy and paste profile links, upload a CSV, or even using our API.

Building a Zopto Campaign

Step Three:

At the bottom of the create campaign popup, select "Include Only Open Profiles"

Step Four:

Every profile in the campaign should now have the "Open" badge associated with the record. You can send messages to these prospects, even if they are outside your network.

Step Five:

Head over to Modules and select the "Free InMails" Module, select your InMail Limits, and load in your template.

That's how you send hundreds of messages to open profiles, wholly automated with Zopto!

How does this help me?

  • Sending InMails is a great way to spark a conversation before you’re even connected with another profile on LinkedIn.

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