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Hyperise Integration
Hyperise Integration

Send fun, personalised images to your prospects with our Hyperise integration.

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Here you will learn about our awesome integration with Hyperise, which allows you to personalize your images to your prospect within your campaign messages!πŸ‘‡


You can create new personalized images in our Hyperise online editor dashboard, which can be then used in sequences and InMails by simply adding them using the Hyperise button inside the template section.




Head into your Zopto Dashboard settings tab where you will see the Hyperise API Token section to get set up - details below:


  1. If you don't already have one, create a Hyperise account!

  2. Inside the Hyperise settings page, click on 'API' from the left menu

  3. Input any token name and click on 'Create API Token'

  4. Copy the API Key by clicking on 'Copy To Clipboard'

  5. Head back to your settings in Zopto and paste the API Key in the 'Hyperise API Key' input

  6. Click on 'Test API Key', if the test is successful you will see your account name.

  7. Click on 'Save', you can now use Hyperise templates as attachments on Zopto! πŸ’₯


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