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LinkedIn Invite Limits
LinkedIn Invite Limits
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LinkedIn's weekly 100 invitation limit explained

Have you seen this message? If so, don't fret. We're going to explain LinkedIn's new weekly 100 invitation limit, what it means for your LinkedIn outreach efforts, and strategies to help mitigate these limitations

LinkedIn weekly invitation limit warning

Why did LinkedIn implement these limitations?

LinkedIn's main goal is to encourage genuine networking between individuals on their platform. As the LinkedIn automation tool market has expanded, so has the abuse of automation, causing many to feel that LinkedIn is becoming "spammy" and saturated with unwanted solicitations. At Zopto, we build protections into our technology to safeguard your outreach from landing in this category. However, there are still ways you can better manage your activity to prevent limitations. We're going to get into that in a minute!

Does this impact everyone?

Currently, this limitation has not been rolled out to everyone and we have seen only a small portion of Zopto users affected. There are reports that this new limitation will be rolled out to everyone, however, nothing concrete has been released from any reliable source.

Are these limitations a bad thing?

For anyone who wants to conduct lead generation at scale, these new limitations may pose a challenge, however, there is some good news.

  1. We are seeing significantly fewer reports of restrictions or bans as a consequence of this change.

  2. This will improve the overall quality of LinkedIn, allowing the messages that are received to stand out.

I got the limitation. What should I do now?

Based on our findings, there is not one thing you're doing that caused this limit. It is likely a combination of things that add up to a particular "score" that triggers LinkedIn's algorithms to impose this limitation. Here are some ways that other Zopto users have overcome these limits.

  • Click on your Global Settings and adjust your pending invites to withdraw after 3 days and "Save limits".

  • Stop campaigns until the following Monday and start back small (10-15 invites per day) and turn on "auto-scale".

  • Remove cookie tracking in your LinkedIn Settings. Select "No" in your cookies and also select "No" for third-party data collection.

I want to avoid this limitation. What can I do?

As mentioned earlier, it is a possibility the limitation may be rolled out to all LinkedIn users eventually, however, we are still experiencing a very small number of users affected, so we can't say for sure what the future holds. In the meantime, here are some strategies that we have seen work best to avoid a limitation.

  • Keep acceptance rates high - 30% or above

  • Personalize your messages using different variables

    • (If you want to get fancy, put in custom variables or take advantage of our Hyperise integration)

  • Create more tailored campaigns - filter down your lists and tailor your messaging to these more niche audiences

  • Withdraw pending invites after 3 days

  • Turn off cookie tracking on LinkedIn (see above images)

  • Only target 1st or 2nd-degree connections (as you get more acceptances from your 2nd-degree network - the number of people in your 2nd-degree network will expand exponentially)

  • Ensure continuous activity on your account. If you have more than 5 days between running campaigns, make sure you start your next campaign small and enable "Auto-scale"

  • Ensure your profile is filled out with relevant information

  • Avoid having more than two active sessions at a time

How else can I make the most of my Zopto account?

Use the new "Posts" feature in the dashboard to schedule regular content for your network to engage with! Lead generation isn't a "one and done". Establish yourself as a thought leader and keep your company's content in front of all the prospects who connected with you.

Upgrade to Zopto+ - We do it all! From campaign setup and management to appointment-setting. You can just sit back and take the appointments.

Capture the attention of your prospects by using Hyperise to send personalized messages.

Connect your Twitter account and engage with prospects on another channel - this will ensure you stand out to them and reinforce your interest in them as a prospect.

Create first-degree connection campaigns to promote new products, services or events.

Create campaigns built around "Open Profiles" and use the InMail function.

May 2021 Update: Check out Zopto's new features designed to mitigate LinkedIn limitations....and more!

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