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How to save hours using the AI-Generated template feature!

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Exciting News: AI-Generated Templates Now Available!

Hello, hello! We’re very excited to announce our newest feature. AI-generated templates!

To find this cool new feature, you’ll want to first head to the Templates tab on the left side of your main dashboard. Once you’ve clicked the Templates tab, you’ll notice a new green tab that says, “create template using AI.” These AI-generated templates will work for all types of templates. Invites, InMails, Sequences, etc… Neat!

For this example, I’ll actually build out an invite message.

In this case, I’ll create my own custom template from scratch.

You will need to tell the AI generator what you’re wanting the message theme to be. For this example, I am planning on connecting with people who are in a current sales leadership role. Then you’ll want to click the Generate AI Template tab. It may just take a few seconds for the text to populate.

You might want to edit the text a little bit, depending on how you want the message to sound to make it seem more like yourself. Though, this is a great way to build a template body, rather than starting from scratch. For invite templates, I believe the shorter, the better. So I’m going to trim this message a bit.

There is also a Creative Level icon with a number next to it. In my case here, it’s level 7. The higher the number, the more created the text. The lower the number, the more generic the text will be. We’d suggest messing around with the creative levels and see what you get!

How does this help me?

  • Writing message copy can be time consuming and draining. We get it! By using our AI-generated templates, you can reprioritize your workday, and have that freed up time to focus on other tasks.

We’re very excited about this new feature, and we’re already using these AI-generated templates for our own campaigns here at Zopto. If you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We’re more than happy to help!


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