In order to minimize the risk of getting warnings and restrictions, please follow our guidelines below, although this is pretty rare.

  1. Please ensure that your account has an active LinkedIn subscription e.g. LinkedIn Premium Business, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter, before connecting it to Zopto.

  2. Please ensure the account has over 500 1-st degree connections, before connecting to Zopto.

  3. Check the number of sessions before connecting to Zopto, ideally, you should have 1 session. You can check your number of sessions and disconnect the extra ones here:

It’s recommended to maintain 2 active sessions at any given time.

  1. When connecting your account to Zopto, please select a proxy location that is closest to you(or your client in case of a managed account).

  2. In rare cases when your account has been restricted(temporary restrictions would be lifted automatically), please contact LinkedIn support through one or more of the following options:

Or through LinkedIn’s Twitter support page:

If you didn’t succeed with email, please contact the support through Twitter Instead and vice-versa.

  1. In case you’re managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, we recommend using Incognito mode or a dedicated Google Chrome User to access each account.

  2. In case you’re paying for multiple LinkedIn premium subscriptions, we recommend using a separate card for each account, ideally.

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