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Bulk Invites? The how and why?
Bulk Invites? The how and why?
Want to send 100 more invite per day?? Here is why and how you can do it.
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We’re happy to introduce our “Bulk Invites” feature, which is replacing the “Email Invite” option, which is now disabled by LinkedIn.

These invites are essentially profile invites without a message attached making them a far more valuable option than email invites ever were! Use these in conjunction with your profile invite and you will be hitting prospecting highs! Anyway here is how to do it…. (if you don’t want to read it skip to the video at the bottom)

The new Bulk Invites feature will allow you to send up to 100 Invites per day.

You can find the “Bulk Invites” module in the “Modules” section of the campaign, the Email Invite module has now been removed.

  1. Please note that you cannot activate both Profile Invites and Bulk Invites for the same campaign. If you try to activate both, one of them will be disabled automatically.

  2. You can send up to 100 Bulk Invites per day and up to 500 per week.

  3. After you start to use this module, please decrease the time to ‘Automatically Withdraw Unaccepted Sent Invitations’ from the Global Settings to 10 days:

6. You don’t have to create message templates for Bulk Invites, as they do not support a custom note.

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