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How to connect Zopto to Hubspot
How to connect Zopto to Hubspot

All you need to know to connect Zopto Hubspot

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Zopto's New Hubspot Integration

Hello everybody! Along with our most recent Salesforce integration, we’re now excited to offer a direct Hubspot integration, as well!

When you first log into the main dashboard in Zopto, you’ll see on the left side of the screen, there is an option for Hubspot integration now. Go ahead and click on that!

Once you’ve clicked this button, it will take you to a page where you’ll be able to connect the CRM with your Zopto account.

When you click the “connect Hubspot” button, you’ll be met with a series of steps. To help add some clarity, we’ve added the steps to this article also.

Unlike Salesforce, where you are required to have a specific type of premium subscription, with Hubspot, as long as you have any type of paid subscription, you’ll be able to sync the CRM with your Zopto account.

Once you are inside Hubspot, click the Settings button up near the top right hand side of the screen

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