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Profile URL Campaign Feature
Profile URL Campaign Feature

Step by Step Guide on how to use the Profile URL Feature

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Guide on setting profile URL campaign feature

We are very happy to announce a major upgrade to our Profile URL campaign creation feature. This new feature works for both individual Profile URLs you’re wanting to upload for a campaign, as well as a .csv file upload. Let’s jump into it!

The first step will be to head to your main campaigns page and click the Create Campaign button up near the top right.

Once you’re here, make sure you click the third option that says URL Profiles.

Then, you’ll be asked to choose whether or not you want to paste individual Profile URLs to the campaign, or build your campaign from a .csv file. For the sake of this demonstration, I’m going to upload a .csv file I’ve created. Whether you build it via a .csv file or from URLs, the following steps will remain the same.

At this point, I’ve selected the file I want to upload, as well as the campaign settings from the checkboxes shown below. At this point, go ahead and click the Create Campaign button.

Once you click the create campaign button, it will show you all the valid URLs that will be uploaded into your campaign. For this campaign, I only have 28 profiles, so it’s quite small, but all are showing here. Click the green confirm button.

Once you click the confirm button, the campaign will now appear on your main campaigns page. If you already have other campaigns built, it will be the last campaign near the bottom of the list. I’ve moved my campaign up to the number 1 priority spot for this article, as highlighted below.

The campaign will show as active, however, nothing will start going out quite yet. There are a few more things you’ll need to do. When you click on the campaign, the main Profiles tab will be empty initially.

However, if you click the URL Profiles tab, you’ll see a list of the profiles in your campaign. If you click the View Logs, button, you’ll see the number of profiles that have been added to your account. In this case, all 28 profiles were added successfully. Though, I want to move them over to the main Profiles Tab.

To do this, you will need to click on the Modules tab and turn a module on first, such as Profile Views, or Profile Invites, etc… Then make sure you select your messaging, daily activity, and click the Save Modules button near the bottom left side of this page.

Finally, head over the to Campaign tab within your campaign. Here you will find a slider for how many profiles you’ll want to fetch each day. You have the ability to fetch up to 1000 profiles per day. However, we HIGHLY recommend keeping this at 300 or less. This is the most strenuous fetch for a LinkedIn user, and even fetching 300 profiles per day can take up to 3 or 4 hours to complete.

Now, after a little while, I can see that profiles are beginning to show up in my campaign.

Something else to note, the campaign will only fetch profiles over to your main Profiles tab during the active campaign hours. So make sure the schedule is set correctly within the Schedule tab for your campaign.


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