What better way is there to show your new connections that you are taking a vested interest in them by endorsing their top 3 skills! The fact you have ‘taken’ the time to endorse will hopefully mean that they feel more obliged to reply back your messages, giving you more opportunities to nurture the leads to your objective.

Setting this up is quick and easy.

Watch our video guide, or follow our step by step instructions below:

1. Click on your campaign page and select the campaign you want to enable the endorsement feature on. Click the campaign name or pencil icon.

2. Click on the Modules tab, and scroll down to the Endorsement module section and click settings.

3. Turn the Module on. Set the number of Endorsements you want to send in this campaign using the slider (remember to set the maximum amount in the global settings - you can increase these by 5 every 48 hours). And ALWAYS tick Auto-Scale and Randomise.

4. Scroll down and save the modules so that your changes are saved.

You will now start to Auto-Endorse all new connections!

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