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How to Pause my Account
How to Pause my Account
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Easily Pause Activity When Needed

Sometimes you need to “Pause” the activity on our account, whether it is before taking a vacation, seasonal reasons, or needing to focus attention elsewhere. Zopto allows you to pause your account directly from your dashboard in the Billing section.

Once you click the Billing tab, you will be able to see your account plan, past invoices and the option to Cancel your subscription.

To activate your pause, you will first click on the “Cancel subscription” button (don’t worry - this won’t immediately cancel your account).

From there, you will click the” Cancel subscription” button and you will be prompted to click a few things before making the selection to Pause.

Now, you will be able to select “Yes, let’s pause”.

Upon selecting Pause, you will have the option to pause for up to 3 months.

Please note that when pausing your account it will remain active until you reach the end of your CURRENT billing period. The account will pause on the last day of the current billing cycle for the length of time you opted for.

Once the pause duration comes to an end, the account will auto-resume so you might want to make yourself a friendly calendar reminder.

If you have any questions or need additional information or assistance please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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