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How to Archive a campaign
How to Archive a campaign
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Zopto's Archive Feature

Are you having trouble sifting through old campaigns that you no longer need access to but want to hold onto for data purposes? The “archive” feature will move your old campaigns to a different section, allowing you keep the campaigns most important to you at the front and center, without losing important data from past outreach.

We get a tad scared pressing the trash can button as we do not want to delete anything important, am I right?!

Rest assured, once you click the trash can button you will be prompted to Delete or Archive that specific campaign.

We even will ask to confirm one more time, just to make sure you are certain 😊

Once you agree and click “Yes, archive it!”, it will be moved to your Archived campaigns section, which you can find here:

Bonus: You can restore an archived campaign, as well!

Now you can get back to creating new campaigns without having to go through all the old ones! Happy Prospecting!

How does this help me?

  • Once a campaign has finished, you don’t want your main campaigns page to become too cluttered with text and data. By archiving a campaign, this helps clear up your active campaign work page, but still allows you to access previous campaign data.

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