Agencies are billed on a monthly basis, on the same day of the month that they originally signed up, e.g. if you signed up on the 17th of the month, the 17th will be your recurring billing date.

Since agencies will be rolling on and off users over the course of the month, our billing is set up on a proration system, where you will see both credits and charges on your invoices. This system works in favor of the agency. Meaning, you will only be charged the exact usage of a user, down to the minute.

In this article, we will break down how to understand your invoices.


When you first subscribe to Zopto, your first month's payment/invoice, which is charged immediately upon sign-up, will only be for the initial user(s) that you first signed up with. This means you will not immediately pay for any new users that you bring on before your next bill date. Instead, these new users will be added as a charge to your second invoice. These charges will appear as "Remaining time".


*tax is included, where applicable

In this example, the agency started with 5 users on our agency package and then upgraded to 7 users. Therefore, they were upgraded to a different plan, so their 5 user plan ended and we credited back the unused time, and then charged for the usage for their now 7 users for the remainder of the month.

Here is another example, with more changes within the month:


*tax is included, where applicable

In this example, you will see an agency paying on a quarterly basis, whose next billing date is April 19th. This agency made a couple changes throughout the quarter - once on March 22nd, where they went from 15 users (credit for unused time) to 17 users (charge for remaining time), and once on April 16th , where they went from 17 users (credit) to 19 users (charge).

In summary, you will see charges and credits from the month/quarter prior, and charges for the upcoming month/quarter, all in the same invoice.

We hope this helps you better understand your agency billing. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for specific questions.

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