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What are the Auto-Scale & Randomize Limits Features?
What are the Auto-Scale & Randomize Limits Features?
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Discover Zopto's Auto-Scale and Randomize Limits Features

Have you seen the small checkboxes of Auto-Scale or Randomize Limits and wondered what they are? If yes, then you're at the right place!

Zopto, as a LinkedIn automation tool, helps you automate your LinkedIn functions like sending invites. In an effort to combat misuse, LinkedIn has become smarter at detecting sudden spikes in activity and sometimes will look to take necessary measures to prevent people from spamming their users.

To avoid issues with LinkedIn and promote more natural interactions within their platform, we have a few tricks up our sleeve by way of features, and the Auto Scale & Randomize Limits features are a few among them.

Auto-Scale Limits

When running campaigns, you will have set limits for the Maximum Number of profiles views, invites & InMails which can be sent across all campaigns. Using Auto-Scale, you can increase the number of views or the number of invites and InMails to be sent every day until we reach our maximum limit. This helps better emulate natural human behavior.

You can enable this feature for each campaign by checking the box as shown in the image above.

Once you enable the Auto-Scale feature, the campaign limits will start from 20 for the selected modules and increase by two every day until they reach the set maximum limit.

Randomize Limits

Similarly, to further enhance your campaigns' behavior and, therefore, stability, we offer the “Randomize Limits” feature, allowing users to randomize the daily limit for the selected module in campaigns within a range of 1-5 units.

To enable this option, select the limits you want your campaign to reach and allow the Randomize Limits option by checking the box as shown in the image above. With this feature enabled, the campaign will no longer send a fixed number of invites, views, or InMails but will follow a randomized pattern to, again, emulate human behavior.

Together, these features will help make your campaigns avoid any scrutiny from LinkedIn.

Zopto’s Auto-Scale and Randomize Limits features are just two of the many ways to maximize our platform's benefits. Keep checking out our articles and blogs for more tips and tricks.

Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for any queries you may have regarding these features in our platform.

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