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How to import profiles to existing campaigns with your CRM using Zapier
How to import profiles to existing campaigns with your CRM using Zapier


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Integrating CRM with Zapier

  1. Inside Zapier, click on Make a Zap.

  2. Select your preferred app to use for the zap.

  3. As an example, select Google Sheets with the trigger event: New Spreadsheet Row(IMPORTANT: The google sheet must have predefined column headers to capture information with the Zap)

  4. Select the Google Sheets account and click continue.

  5. Select the spreadsheet used for this Zap along with the Worksheet that will contain the information.

  6. Test for Data and continue.

  7. Now that APP is set-up, for the second step, look for Built-in Apps and select Webhooks by Zapier.

  8. The action event required for this process is "PUT"; once this is selected, press continue.

  9. All the information required to Customize the Request for the Zap can be found in the API documentation by clicking the button "How the Zopto API works" and scroll down to the section "Add profile to campaign".

  10. The "Customize Request" section of the zap starts with the URL, copy and paste the following:

    "" where the email "" 
  11. needs to be replaced with the Zopto email account.

  12. In the Payload Type section, select "Json".

  13. In the "Data" section, the following information is required for the Zap to execute successfully.

  14. The first data row must contain "profile_url" and the second-row "campaign_id" where the profile_url stands for the LinkedIn profile URL of the prospect and the campaign_id is the ID of the campaign where the prospect should be imported to.

  15. The Campaign ID can be found by opening a campaign in Zopto, and in the URL, you will see id=xxxxxxxxxx; make sure to copy only the numbers for that campaign.

  16. Match the fields with the fields recognized by your APP; if you don't have a predefined campaign ID in your APP, copy the campaign ID in Insert Data; this will ensure that all the profiles from your app will be imported to the campaign set in the Zap.

  17. Make sure that the API Key was generated on your Zopto account.

  18. In the Headers section, write down: Token followed by the API key in the insert data section.

  19. Test & Continue and wait to see if the test was successful.

  20. Make sure to Turn on the Zap.

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