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LinkedIn Restriction Guide
LinkedIn Restriction Guide

What to do if you receive a restriction from LinkedIn

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LinkedIn suspension

Getting a LinkedIn suspension is very rare, especially as LinkedIn rolls out its new invite limitation in 2021. But if it happens, what do you do next?

  • For starters, stay calm. LinkedIn just wants to make sure their platform stays secure and maintains the integrity of networking. This is rectifiable.

  • If you are already in touch with someone, you can jump right into the response.

Here are some templates we have seen others have success with, but please note, you should send what you feel comfortable with.

Hello - I would like to have my account reinstated. I understand that LinkedIn has determined some suspicious activity, but I use LinkedIn for networking with friends, colleagues, customers and prospective customers only. I am not sure exactly what led to this warning, but I will be sure to keep my future activity focused more on those closer to my network to avoid coming across as spam, as that was not my intention. Apologies for any trouble. Thank you.

Hello - I would like to kindly ask that you please unrestrict my account. In tandem, I will review my usage of the platform to ensure that I don’t offend any users, moving forward. I do sincerely apologize for any trouble.

If they are asking for the name of the third-party.

Hello - I cancelled my subscription with the 3rd party I was using, however, I cannot disclose the name since I am under NDA. Thank you for your understanding. Please reactivate my account and I sincerely apologize for any trouble.

Hello - I do understand the severity of the issue and I will look into the tools that may have caused this to occur. I do apologize for any trouble and inconvenience and ensure this is rectified.

Hello - I had actually hired someone to conduct the outreach on my behalf, as I have been quite busy lately and not able to dedicate the time I usually spend networking myself. I do apologize for any issues this may have caused and understand that I cannot do this moving forward. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Hello - I had several automation and email finder extensions installed, which I have now deactivated. I was not aware that this was not allowed. I do apologize for any trouble or inconvenience. Thank you for your time and understanding and I look forward to using the platform again with this new understanding.


Once the account is reinstated, you will need to make a choice as to how you will proceed with LinkedIn automation from there. Should you choose to proceed with using an automation tool, you will do so at your own risk, as is always the case, and will need to discuss with the team best practices for scaling back some of the activity.

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