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Zopto Setup Guide
Zopto Setup Guide

Best Practices for Starting your Zopto Campaign

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Hello! Welcome to Zopto!

We know you want to get the most out of Zopto, so we have put together a guide with some best practices to help you get started!


  • Ensure you have Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium BEFORE you connect your profile to the Zopto platform.

  • Complete the Product Tour upon first sign-in.

  • Set the maximum for 25 profiles per day under "Global Limits" - you can scale this up slowly as LinkedIn gets used to seeing more and more activity on your account.

  • Enable auto-scale - We strongly suggest you enable this feature and your limits will gradually increase automatically. Else, you will need to do increase limits manually.

  • Check your Sessions - LinkedIn may log you out of Zopto or other devices if it detects that you are logged into too many sessions. We strongly suggest you have only two active sessions at a time. Likely, your phone or laptop as the first session and Zopto as the second. You can easily view all your active sessions by clicking on this link -


  • Prospect lists should be targeted. It is strongly suggested you run some initial searches to really drill down your ideal customer.

  • Every time you source profiles, this is called a "fetch". Keep fetches at around 500 profiles or less to start and build on this number over time. This helps keep your account more secure and reinforces the last and next bullet points.

  • Search results will reflect reference thousands of profiles, but only the first 1000 will be accessible to the filter (this number is 2500 for Sales Navigator accounts).

  • Searches can be saved and once your campaign has completed, you can use a saved search to target the same audience and include any prospects that were not included in the first run.


As you are drafting your outreach messages, here are some best practices to increase the chances of attracting a response:

  • Check out our preloaded templates to get up and running more quickly - don't forget to personalize them! Prospects respond most to messaging that sounds tailored to their needs.

  • Prospects want to know what's "in it for them" right away, so keep messaging conversational - people are more hesitant to get into an interaction that feels like a sales pitch.

  • Keep messages short - the longer a message is, the more likely a prospect is to lose interest. Messages should be concise, giving a high-level idea of why you’re reaching out, with a clear and quick call to action.

  • Setup two follow-up messages - prospects do not always reply the first time. It is best to reach out 3-4 times in total to gather their attention.

  • Use the InMail module to contact profiles with an “open badge” i.e. other premium account holders. This allows you to contact them without using your InMail credits.

LinkedIn Profile

Prospects will usually visit your LinkedIn page prior to accepting a connection request or replying to a message. The more robust your profile appears, the more credible you come across - and the more likely it is someone will reply. If you do not have a company page, we do suggest creating a company page, as well. This is not necessary to start the campaign, but good to have in the long run. Other best practices include:

  • Ensuring your LinkedIn is filled out comprehensively

  • Having a professional photo

  • Filling out your summary, with links to your company page or website in the summary

  • Ensuring work history is up-to-date

  • Having a professional recommendation

Want more Zopto TIPS and TRICKS?

Check out our YouTube page! Here's a good one to start with:

Can't find what you need? Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager via our live chat.

You can also check out our Support Section for more helpful tips and FAQs:

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